What really motivates people and leaders? To help artists or other professionals better understand their drives and entrepreneurial potentials, I recommend Innermetrix’s The Values Index – Seven Dimensions of Value and Motivation for their reflection and life planning. While “Aesthetic” (preference for form, harmony, beauty and balance) is common to many artists, its combination with the other six dimensions yield the following characteristics of values and motivation:

1. Aesthetic – Altruistic: A person who believes in eliminating social ill in order to achieve greater social health and harmony. Helping others find beauty, harmony, and balance in their life. Peace and harmony for all. (The Peace Giver)

2. Aesthetic – Economical: Someone who believes that achieving harmony, form, and balance delivers the highest returns. The most practical use of resources is one that is sustainable and non-detrimental to the source. (The Practical Conservationist)

3. Aesthetic – Individualistic: A person driven to achieve balance and harmony in his/her own unique way. “I create my own definition of beauty.” Prefers to be free to do things that bring beauty and balance to his/her life. (The Independent Artist)

4. Aesthetic – Political: Someone who likes to lead others in the pursuit of higher forms of beauty and harmony in life, and that the finer things can improve position, status, or influence. (The Aesthetic Leader)

5. Aesthetic – Regulatory: Someone who values beauty, form, and function, but feels there are traditional definitions or means that should be respected and followed. There are accepted norms for what is beautiful, “Beauty is in the eye of the populous.” (The Traditional Artist)

6. Aesthetic – Theoretical: Someone who seeks to more fully understand what is beautiful and good, and to clarify, define, and classify it. (The Art Expert)

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(This article was also posted on LinkedIn by Stanley CHAK on March 23, 2017)