For Salespeople Who Want to Develop a More Professional Approach

How You Will Benefit

The job of a salesperson or sales manager is tougher than ever before. Most companies and their salespeople face the challenge to find new markets and customers, increase sales revenue and expand market share. If you want to sharpen your skills, handle difficult situations more confidently and learn how to outsmart your competition, this is the right course for you.

  • Examine different attitudes and styles of selling
  • Build prospect profiles and use different channels to identify prospects
  • Get the appointment tactfully and with persistence
  • Present your product or service as a potential solution and needs-satisfier
  • Handle objections smoothly
  • Keep the sale or negotiation moving forward
  • Close more sales efficiently
  • Manage time and territory effectively

What Will Be Covered

  • Understanding the role of salespeople … salespeople as consultants
  • Identifying different styles of selling and winning attitudes
  • Determining prospect sources, developing and qualifying leads
  • Pre-call planning and avoiding critical mistakes on the call
  • Creating positive impressions
  • Fact-finding and confirming the customer’s needs
  • Identifying who makes buying decisions
  • Presenting customer-focused solutions and benefits
  • Handling objections
  • Recognizing buying signals and closing techniques
  • Reinforcing the sale
  • Making the telephone work for you
  • Managing time and territory effectively

Duration Two or three days


For Sales Supervisor or Manager Who Wants to Build a Stronger Sales Team

How You Will Benefit

The workshop is designed to equip participant with different concepts and skills to be an effective sales manager and coach. By using an ‘Action Learning’ approach, you will be able to apply the concepts, review your own experience, and enable you to become more confident and skillful sales coach over a period of time. To be more specific, the workshop is designed to help the participants achieve the following:

  • Succeed in your new role by developing competencies in sales management and coaching
  • Identify the key components of sales management and coaching
  • Set goals and objectives for your new role
  • Build leadership skills and win respect
  • Spend more time in observing staff performance and discussing with time their performance
  • Ensure the productivity of your team by developing recruiting, training, and coaching skills
  • Pick up time management techniques that work
  • Establish an individual or group improvement plan to become more effective manager

What Will Be Covered

  • Similarities and differences between selling, managing and coaching
  • Responsibilities and duties of a new sales manager
  • Sales management and coaching model
  • How to set objectives with salespeople
  • Motivating salespeople and cultivating a win-win culture
  • How to coach and counsel salespeople
  • How to prepare for and conduct sales meetings
  • Using company’s sales tracking system more effectively
  • How to recruit salespeople with higher chance of success
  • How to familiarize new recruits and help them to settle in
  • How to use sales meetings as a training device
  • Using different strokes for different folks
  • How to redirect and improve employee performance

Duration Two or three days