Critical Service Competencies or Knowledge Base

Training Modules

For Senior and Middle Management

  • Service Trends
  • Service Vision, Mission and Values
  • Company or Departmental Service Strategies
  • Culture Change Leadership
Service Leadership Modules (SLM)

  • SLM1: Service Leadership Workshop
  • SLM2: Service Strategies and Best Practices Seminar
  • SLM3: Change Management for Service Excellence
For Middle and Front-line Management

  • Service Trends
  • Service V-M-V Cascade
  • Team-based Service Strategies
  • Culture Change Management
  • Service Coaching and Monitoring
Service Management Modules (SMM)

  • SMM1: Service Trends Seminars
  • SMM2: Highlights of Service Fundamentals
  • SMM3: Highlights of Service Skills
  • SMM4: Service Management
  • SMM5: Field Coaching Techniques
For Front-line Service Representatives

  • Understands Customer Expectations and Company Service Vision
  • Maintains Professional Image
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Listens Actively and Shows Empathy
  • Shows Willingness to Solve Problems
  • Works Well with Internal Partners
  • Manages Stress and Emotions
Service Delivery Modules (SDM)

  • SDM1: The Fundamentals of Service Excellence
  • SDM2: Communicating Effectively with External or Internal Customers
  • SDM3: Telephone Impressions: Handling the Telephone Professionally
  • SDM4: Counter Service and Face-to-face Customer Encounters
  • SDM5: Managing Difficult Situations and Emotions Effectively
  • SDM6: The Power of Team Working and Partnership
Customized for Individual Departments

  • Continuous Service Improvement
  1. Customized Performance Improvement Projects
  2. Service Quality Circles to work on other aspects such as Service Environment, Service Process and Service Presentation, etc.