We recommend our clients to use a Building Block approach in developing the sales effectiveness competencies of their sales force. The recommended seven building blocks and key learning and performance themes are highlighted as follows:

Building Blocks 01 – 03 For Foundation Building

Code # Building Block Key Theme
BB01 The Mental Edge
  • The hidden powers of your mind
  • Creating a personal vision and the power of visualization
  • Positive and negative thinking
  • Breaking through your attitude barriers
  • The mind body link
BB02 Customer Service and Tele-selling Techniques
  • The importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Recognizing and maximizing sales opportunities
  • Tips and magic words over the phone
  • Tele-selling approach and techniques
BB03 Professional Selling Skills
  • Getting ready: time, territory, accounts, sales talk, image
  • Prospecting
  • Uncovering needs, fact finding and qualifying
  • Presenting: FAB, writing proposal, formal presentation
  • Turning objections into opportunities
  • Recognizing buying signals and closing

Building Blocks 04 – 07 For Advancement and Sales Management

Code # Building Block Key Theme
BB04  Benchmarking and Research
  • Challenges to front-line sales people
  • Challenges to sales managers
  • Performance gaps: output, activities, culture, competencies
  • “Best practices” inside and outside industry
BB05 Sales Strategies and Breakthrough
  • The changing rules in the industry
  • Difference between sales tactics and sales strategies
  • Breakthrough sales strategies: team selling, consultative, access, value-added
  • Account management: account planning, execution and monitoring
BB06 Advanced Selling Skills and Negotiation
  • Selling with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Sales tactics in arousing interest, buying confidence, cold calling, etc.
  • Negotiation styles and approach
  • Negotiation model: prepare, discuss, propose and bargain
BB07 Sales Management and Coaching
  • Creating a sales culture
  • Gaining the hearts and minds of your “sales force”
  • Goal setting and forecasting
  • Training and running clinics: scripting, handling objection, closing, contingency plan, etc.
  • Coaching and counselling
  • Maximizing the impact of sales meetings and conference
  • Problem solving and implementation issues
  • Motivating the sales team