1. Development and Application of Competency Frameworks for Government Departments and Multinational Corporations

    In addition to design and development of competency frameworks, LRT Consulting has been assisting different government departments and multinational corporations in putting their competency-based talent development plans and performance management systems into practices since 1996.

    For talent development, LRT Consulting always builds the connection between business needs and employee learning for clients at first. In accordance with the business priorities, a tailor-made training and development curriculum is developed to address the identified business and improvement issues.

    For performance management, LRT Consulting develops or refines the assessment tools with measurable or observable criteria for different types of jobs at all levels; based on individual client’s competency model.

  2. Development and Application of Competency-Based Human Resource Management (HRM) Tools and Systems for 37 NGOs in Hong Kong under the Joint Business Improvement Projects (JBIPs) Funded by Social Welfare Department

    With the positive feedback and recommendations given by the participating agencies of the first JBIP in 2002-2003, Learning Resources and Technologies Ltd. (also known as LRT Consulting) was appointed again in 2004-2005 for the second batch of the development, customisation, and implementation of competency-based HRM tools and systems.

    In completion of two JBIPs, LRT Consulting developed an integrated HRM model for 37 participating agencies with two sets of generic competencies for managerial officers and general staff; and seven sets of core functional competencies for administrative staff, paramedical staff, social workers, programme staff, pre-school educators, instructors, and personal care workers.

  3. Development of Qualifications Framework (QF) for Banking Industry and HRM Sector in Hong Kong

    With the objective of providing a platform for practitioners to pursue continuous and lifelong learning, thereby enhancing their competencies and standards, Education Bureau (EDB) assisted the banking industry in implementing QF in 2010-2012. Later in 2014, EDB set up the first Cross-Industry Training Advisory Committee for HRM sector under QF to draw up the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for the HRM sector, and to publicise and promote the QF among the sector.LRT Consulting was the technical consultant of development of the SCS as integral part of QF-Banking Industry and QF-HRM respectively. Both large-scale projects were completed on time and within budget in five phases:

    Phase I: Environmental Scan
    Phase II: Job Analysis and Task Description
    Phase III: Task and Competency Specification
    Phase IV: Units of Competency Packaging, Clustering and Documentation
    Phase V: Industry-wide Consultation and Quality Moderation

    Both sets of SCS are available for public access at QF website.