As a certified trainer of one of the world class experts in the captioned areas for over 20 years, our consultant designed and conducted related training for hundreds of QC members, professionals and managers from both the public and private sectors. The core components of training were as follow:

Part 1 : Common Pitfalls of Problem Solving and Decision Making

Part 2 : Situation and Problem Analysis

Part 3 : Problem Solving Processes

Part 4 : Decision Making Processes

Part 5 : Creative Processes

Part 6 : Preventive Processes

Part 7 : Working in Teams and Project Management

The following techniques and tools were also covered:

  • Establishing a team or project Vision and Strategy
  • Using “Voice of the Customer” Tips and Techniques
  • Using Breakthrough Tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • Brainstorming Exercise
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Paired Comparison and Prioritization Matrices