Competency Profiles (published by HRD Press) are a collection of powerful online assessments that assess an individual’s effectiveness in styles, competencies, and commitment using a common question format and reporting output. The range of topics spans nearly every major category of competence and interpersonal skill useful in a professional setting. Comprehensive feedback reports provide the tools for immediate learning and improvement.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick (15 minutes)
  • Self-Administered
  • Focused on key competency behaviors
  • Ratings for overall competence and specific underlying behaviors
  • Listing of development priorities and actionable targets to help you improve your effectiveness
  • Specific coaching recommendations and tips for immediate improvement

Available Online

  1. Change Management Effectiveness
  2. Coaching Effectiveness
  3. Communication Effectiveness
  4. Customer Service Commitment
  5. Customer Service Skills
  6. DISC Styles
  7. Diversity & Cultural Awareness
  8. Emotional Intelligence
  9. Influencing Style Clock
  10. Leadership Effectiveness
  11. Learning Styles
  12. Listening Effectiveness
  13. Management Effectiveness
  14. Management Styles
  15. Negotiation Styles
  16. Sales Effectiveness
  17. Teambuilding Effectiveness
  18. Time Management Effectiveness

In addition to the profiles listed above, our online assessment platform provides more profiles such as:

  1. Dealing with Conflict
  2. Perspectives
  3. PS Leader
  4. Psychological Type Indicator
  5. Strategic Leadership Type Indicator

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