Our Core Capabilities

Depending on the uniqueness of each assignment and improvement opportunity, LRT Consulting commonly focuses on the FOUR PILLARS OF ORGANIZATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS (Positioning, Performance, Processes and People) in getting a thorough understanding of the issues and in recommending change strategies:

LRT Consulting is experienced in designing and implementing customized Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources Management, Service Quality, Sales Effectiveness and Change Management consulting projects.
To deliver impact on clients’ performance and learning needs, a trio emphasis is put on the DIAGNOSIS, INTERVENTIONS and EVALUATION phases of the consultancies commissioned by clients.

We Are Results Oriented

LRT Consulting targets at delivering IMPACT on individual, team or organizational performance. Our consulting process and recommendations focus on both the “individual and organization factors” that affect individual and organization performance. While the “individual factors” such as the knowledge, attitudes and skills of each individual affect individual performance, the “organization factors” such as organizational systems, structure, strategies, leadership, culture, competition, process design and other performance conditions play a significant role in helping or hindering learning application, determination to change, extent of impact, and so on.
To ensure that we produce effective performance improvement solutions, our consultants use the following eight steps in designing, implementing and evaluating the learning and change interventions: