LRT Consulting has been working with a large number of organizations from both the private and public sectors in reviewing and developing their performance management system, competency framework and definition, performance management related skills.

These organizations commonly recognize the need to acquire a more effective tool to manage their employees’ performance in the light of an ever-increasing competitive market environment. A longer term objective was to promulgate a performance management culture and maximize the potential of individual employees.

To prepare the organizations and their managers for a full scale implementation of a Competency-Based Performance Management and Appraisal System, our approach covers five major tasks:

  • Construct core competency (generic skills and knowledge requirement) models for both managers and supporting staff
  • Transfer skills to managers and provide advice to them in developing team based functional competencies (functional specific skills and knowledge requirement)
  • Pilot a competency based Performance Management System for the organization
  • Identify an objective method to fairly assess employees’ performance in order to link reward with performance effectively
  • Transfer skills to managers and provide coaching on setting performance goals and standards, using the balanced scorecard approach, on-the-job coaching and development, managing the performance feedback and appraisal, etc.