Summarizing my 20+ years of performance improvement consulting experience, I have observed that the ultimate success factor of success, growth and development is what I call the “Me & We” factor.

The “Me & We” factor is about our awareness of self and others, common purpose, shared values and relentless commitment to achieve the common purpose and overcome the barriers and conflicts together in the journey. In a nutshell, to me, this is individual, team and organizational emotional intelligence.

Our team would like to invite you to participate in this Emotional Intelligence Dialogue [No. 1] by reflecting and sharing on the following:

  1. What role do IQ and/or EQ play in life and at work? Is IQ or EQ more important?
  2. Is EQ same as emotional intelligence? Why called “intelligence”?
  3. Is EQ same as personality? Are they “learnable” and subject to change?
  4. Can emotional intelligence be “reverse engineered” and broken down into specific elements for measurement and learning?
  5. Does EQ change with factors like income level, age, ethnic background, leadership role, etc.?

Looking forward to hearing from you and further sharing our thoughts in coming dialogues. Enjoy the reflection!

(This article was also posted on LinkedIn by Stanley CHAK on May 19, 2016)