Achieving the Most in 3 Hours of Your Busy Schedule


Key Competency Cluster: Managing Personal Effectiveness

Seminar Learning Focus Online Assessment
MS 01
People Smart in Business: Using the DISC Behavioral Styles Model To Turn Every Business Encounter into a Mutual Win
1. The 4 basic DISC profile overview
2. Identify another person’s behavioral profile
3. Behavioral adaptability
4. How to modify your profile
5. Improvement plan
Designed by: Alessandra & Associates, Inc.
MS 02
Dealing with Conflict: How to Turn Conflict into Positive Change
1. 5 conflict resolution styles
2. What values do I put on the outcome of this conflict?
3. What values do I put on the relationship with other person?
4. How do I balance these two issues?
5. 5 conflict resolution strategies
Conflict Resolution Styles
Designed by: Alex Hiam


Key Competency Cluster: Leading Teams and Change

Seminar Learning Focus Online Assessment
LC 01
Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Results by Using Different Styles for Different Situations
1. Your dominant leadership strategy type
2. Your development path
3. Your strategy variability and effectiveness
4. Employee development cycle
5. Improvement plan
Strategic Leadership Type Indicator (SLTi)
Designed by: Alex Hiam
LC 02
Change Management Made Simple:
How to Use 7 Areas of Competencies to Achieve Transformation Results?
1. Change management is the norm
2. Common challenges in managing change
3. Change management model & competencies
4. Your change management effectiveness
5. Improvement plan
Change Management Effectiveness
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