A competency framework is a comprehensive structure that describes the required competencies with specific set of attitude, knowledge, behavioural indicators and measurement criteria. Since different organizations, professions and industries have their own vision, mission and business goals, unique set of competency framework is critical for strategy implementation and employee alignment, thereby organizational success.

With a robust competency framework, an organization or profession has its specific set of common language for selecting employees, helping them understand their roles in driving the success for the organization or profession, developing them to play more important roles, and managing their performance.

Under a competency-based talent development and performance management system, service effectiveness and impact can be measured against the organization’s mission and expected outcomes; and individual employee performance can be measured against the performance objectives and competencies required by the relevant professions and organizations.

As summarised by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the global professional body with over 150,000 members in Human Resources and talent development, competency frameworks can be extremely useful to support talent strategy and guide practice in a number of areas from recruitment, talent development and performance management.

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