This 48-item, Customer Service Commitment Profile online assessment helps individuals understand how much “service excellence” is offered to the customer by organization and self. The assessment results provide coaching tips for improvement and development planning templates.

When to Use

  • With customer service personnel who need to improve their skills through a structured self assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • As an OD tool for taking the pulse of the organization in regards to service commitment.
  • As an entry learning exercise when the organization intends to set new standards for customer service.
  • As an introductory training activity on customer service commitment to expose participants to their own, and the organization’s, service commitment.
  • With customer service managers who need to be able to recognize and correct deficient competencies in their departments or teams.
  • As the center piece of a 1-day facilitated training workshop on customer service commitment.


  • Customer Service Commitment feedback report — Displays the participants self rating on service commitment for comparison against the organizations commitment, the commitment norm and a “realm of best” practice range.
  • Norm Comparison — The Customer Service Commitment questionnaire displays normative levels on customer service commitment to provide individuals and organizations a frame of reference for judging their own current standards and performance against industry at large.
  • Easy to administer – The online administrative component is easy for both administrators and participants, yet provides administrators key control over the distribution of results.
  • Relevant feedback – Rather than providing just simple lists of strengths and weaknesses, the Customer Service Commitment feedback report provides development needs imbedded in development planning templates that help make it easy for participants to take their next steps.


  • Measures 6 core customer service commitment competencies through 48 items, and collects ratings for the self as well as the “self’s” perception of how the organization is performing.
  • Worded in simple, understandable and behavioral terms allowing any participant, regardless of education or English language proficiency, to understand and provide accurate ratings.
  • The report itself is broken into six smaller reports. Reports begin with summary competency scores and drill down to behavioral specifics including customer service commitment tips for development, and course and reading suggestions.